Friday, 13 April 2012

What a Mess! and Here's Two I Made Earlier!

No, not a card, not this time, anyway! Decided yesterday afternoon, after a new Gorguss stamp arrived! that my stamp collection needed re-organizing. Shouldn't take long, I thought, and set to. SIX hours later, still had stamps all over the bed, not good for sleeping, and no order whatsoever. Finally gave up at 3am and crawled into bed. Obviously have far too many stamps!! Still have I reckon, about another two hours to go, but hopefully will be a lot better, although still don't seem to have a sensible order? Have a binder for Sentiments, and a binder for Magical and Mystical, but have kept the rest in sets, and they have sentiments too, so...? themes?  designers? any ideas please?...

Okay, a while back I put a fairy card on, "Keeper of Hearth and Home" by Carmen Medlin. I actually stamped three images at the same time, as she had good hair to practice on! I finished the other two cards a few days ago, but didn't put them on, so here they are.

Also, last but definitely not least! have grandson Oscar for the weekend, while mummy attends a wedding in the Lakes-lucky girl! So not as much time for crafting, unless I stay up all night! See what I can do, get dithery if I don't get my fix! Back soon. Keep smiling. x

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