Sunday, 15 April 2012

Just about finished!

Well, I've just about finished re-doing all my stamps. All are now neat and tidy in binders, just have to finish the cross-referencing catalogue! Also had grandson Oscar for the weekend, so no new card as yet. Hope everyone has had a good weekend, oh, did however, win the voucher in the Little Lili's Fairy blog challenge, so delighted with that! Hopefully can get stuck in this evening and see what transpires! Keep smiling. Back soon. x


  1. I have most of my stamps in binders from the wobbly shelves but also have two drawers full plus another three folders. I have to search for the latest ones I've bought 'cos I have no idea where I've put them, doh! I wish I'd started listing mine, too late now. Enjoy your evening. Hazel x

  2. It's difficult to keep them in order, isn't it? I've just about finished, really pleased now that it's all neat and tidy. Hope you've had a good evening too. x