Thursday, 15 March 2012

Not as planned!

Well, today didn't go as planned, but then, that seems to happen quite a lot. Could be something to do with animals and children maybe? My plan was to get organised, chores done and then attempt to put my first card on my blog. My timetable was meant to read:
Feed dog, cats and horses, then myself.
Take Oscar, my four- year old grandson, to school. His mum, my daughter Katy, drops him off three days a week, and I take him to school. See to horses, do stables and prepare the days feeds, sort any washing, make 'phone calls, check shopping list, check e-mails, wait excitedly for postman if I'm expecting a parcel from Joanna, and anything else that may crop up. Then, if I'm lucky, I find a couple of hours spare for crafting, but, not today.
Kit-kat, the Siamese, has had sore ears for a couple of days, and when this morning it was obvious that they were getting worse, a trip to the vet became inevitable. I gave him a couple of days to see if an abcess was forming - yuk! - as he's a bit of a bruiser if allowed,  but nothing appeared, so off to the vet for ear drops and an injection. So I am now aiming to get a card on for tomorrow. Oh, and my parcel from Joanna did arrive, always such brilliant service. It's my lace stamp that I ordered, and am desperate to get playing with it. Looks like it could be a late night again!  'till next time...keep smiling. x

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