Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Tribute to Wincy xx

Hello everyone
Well, have had a rotten few days. Poor Winston was put to sleep yesterday, very peacefully, on my knee. So hopefully he's running free, and happy now. So am now trying to catch up, on sleep! and everything else. I'm going to put a few photos up, a little "Wincy" collage, and hopefully finish a couple of crafty things that I started. Hope everyone is coping with the weather, our village is okay, but it's pretty bad round and about. Back soon. Hugs to all. X


  1. Hi my dearest friend, I'm so sorry to heart This sad news:) I send you many cuddles:)
    Wincy remain forever in Your heart Rosie:))
    Big mountain of hugs,

  2. Aww, thank you Sonia, lovely of you. Yes, he'll always be with me, as with all my other animals, but at least at peace now. Very much appreciated Sonia, thanks again.
    Rosie X