Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Still Here!

Hello to all,
 Well, going okay at the moment. Busy weekend, making a card for an 80th, and had hay delivered for the horses, which is a bit of a pain, 'cause I live in an "odd" place. Wonderful neighbours withe their "truck" did most of the work, bless them, a huge help, very much appreciated. And, managed to avoid the rain, which I find amazing! Well, they say the sun shines on the righteous, guess that must be the horses, not me! Found a couple of cards that I haven't shown, so will put them on for approval! Landrover one was for Katys' partners birthday, obviously a LR fanatic, like me. Sad! The other was a door hanging for my grand-daughter Evelyn, for her 9th birthday. I am trying to catch up with everyone's blogs, please bear with me. Back soon. Stay safe, hugs to all. x


  1. I've just commented on these but then it disappeared off the page as I was correcting a typing error! The card is lovely, straight lines and matting and layering which I love. The door hanger is lovely too, I bet Evelyn loves it. Hazel x

  2. Thanks Hazel
    Yes, Evelyn was really pleased with it. She's at that giggly, girly stage, better than what may come next, I guess! I made her a card as well, not sure if I've posted that one, I'll have a look. I hope you're feeling a bit more cheerful, sometimes, anyway. x

  3. Great cards Rosie and thanks for the lovely comments on my blog - especially about my knitting. You arent the first thats wanted that purple jumper LOL