Friday, 29 June 2012

Really sorry-again! Very poorly P.C.!

Hello all, and thank you to those who are sticking with me. Once again my pc has been playing silly devils, for the last week I've hardly been able to get onto the internet for more than a minute before it threw me out! Am working hard on getting it sorted, so thank you for bearing with me. With this in mind, I feel unable to commit to challenges at the moment, so am going to simply post all the cards I've made recently, with a bit of info. into life in general! Some of you may remember that I was trying to catch a fox cub with a poorly leg, however, didn't manage it, as unfortunately he seems to have disappeared, poor thing. Am also involved in trying to catch a bunch of semi-feral cats that live at my sons' place of work, the poor female keeps having litter after litter, and it's very hit and miss as to whether they survive or not! James and ? sorry, have now forgotten his mate's name, but they've taken 7 kittens between them in the last 12 months, so it's really time that something was done. It's taken them this long to get the "management" to agree! so - watch this space. I'll post some piccies of the kittens that James kept later. Other than that, Oscar has had chicken-pox, but is now back at nursery, and fine again. I've also been making some cards for North Devon Animal Hospital, the charity that I get involved with if I have a crisis! They are lovely, and will help any animal, no matter what. Don't know how they do it, especially with the economic situation at the moment, so have decided to do all I can. Every little helps! Have also started working with the horses, as Morgans' funny foot needs to be kept even, and for his brains sake, he needs to be kept occupied. Very difficult with this "lovely" summer that we're having, but, no excuses, get on with it. Sorry this is such a long post, but don't know when I'll get thrown out again, so making the most of it. Am now going to attempt to post some photos too! Wish me luck. I do hope no-one's having too bad a time of it with the floods etc, my homeground has had some pretty bad flooding, but seems to be okay at the moment. Back soon, I hope!! Big hugs to all. X


  1. Hope your PC is "better" soon. I'm sure your cards will raise a lot for the animals. Good luck with it all. Hugs

  2. Oh Rosie,big hug and take care:)

  3. Thank you both, and as you may have guessed by the length of time it's taken me to reply, got thrown out again! Hoping to sort it soon. x