Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Busy, busy! and Wedding cards.

Well, have had a couple of busy days. Katy is moving house next Saturday, but they got the keys last weekend. Wow, what a mess, they were told that the house was empty (which it was) and they'd finished cleaning(which they definitely hasn't!) In fact, didn't look as if they'd even started! Katy and I spent 4 hours there yesterday, and I spent another four hours there today while she was at work, and then four of them will finish it tomorrow evening. Makes me really mad, what are these people thinking of? How can they expect someone to move into a filthy house? Anyway, rant over. Have had to make a new home card quickly, I'll put it on tomorrow.
Made these cards for my nephews' wedding in April. Used the Indigoblu map stamp on the white one, as his fiancee lives in the Lakes, and they're getting married in Windermere. No new baby yet! Back soon. x

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